Philharmonic Belles - 2018 (The Sneak Peak)

This is a....uh...sneak peak of the images I took today (and last week). So many images for me to go through but this shoot was so much fun I really wanted to share a couple of pics tonight. These aren't necessarily my favorites, there's not a bad image in the bunch...however, I chose these images for a reason....

This first image I chose to share tonight was of Rachel, who was out of town today, so I photographed her last weekend. She was the first Belle I photographed and I didn't want to not share a picture of her today, even though she wasn't in the group's Rachel, beautiful in pink.

Don't just stand there, let's get to it, strike a pose, there's nothing to it...Vogue.
These girls were a blast!

On the count of 3 do something silly.

The Wylie High School girls. 

....and how could I not share a picture of these breathtaking twins.

I will continue this post later this week or next with an individual image of each Belle. I absolutely LOVE my job ;)


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