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Baby Logan Is Almost Here!!

I had the best time with Suzie, Chris and Caroline taking pictures of their sweet family. As you can tell on all of their faces they are super excited to welcome Logan! Enjoy these sweet images...I will have a bit of running commentary...because, I just love these images so much!

First of all, I love the sun burst in this series of images. It just makes me smile. Chris and Suzie are so dang sweet together.

Caroline has the best smile!!

This was a candid image, Caroline was wanting to crawl up in her mom's arms and be held. I love the look on Suzie's face here. So sweet.

OK, for reals. Does it get any sweeter than these next two images. Caroline is so excited to be a big sister.

Caroline is helping her mom and dad kiss here ;) 

This is a family hug which happens on a regular basis with Caroline in the center. Pretty soon Logan will be in the middle, too!!

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