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The Edwards Family

These pictures make me smile. The personality that shines through in each of these faces just is almost enough to make me cry,... happy tears. Lauren was the very first high school senior I photographed, then I photographed she and Jeffrey's wedding, and now I get to photograph their family. Such a joy. I love every image, I love what they make me feel....smiles, happiness and lots of giggles along the way. Enjoy.

Could Harrison look any more angelic? 

I am pretty sure Superman has nothing on this kid!

When you are ready to have your picture made...but no one else is quite set up. You just own the camera as though it is all there only for you.

Daddy and his Mini Me

Baby toes, eyelet lace, lovely flowers and lavender on the ground.

A Daddy and his girl.

I would just like to say, this is my absolute favorite family picture of the day.

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