Kyle and Brooke Wright - Wedding Day

The wedding day of Brooke and Kyle was spectacular in every way. The girls started the day at Shampoo getting hair and make up done. The boys were far away from the camera at the Byron Nelson Golf Tournament. Each group had a great time. The wedding was held at the First United Methodist Church in downtown Ft. Worth and the reception on the Terrace at the Worthington Hotel in downtown Ft. Worth. The day was beautiful and so were all the details, but truly the most beautiful part was seeing the way Brooke and Kyle were so excited to start their lives together as man and wife. Nothing outshined their love for each other, family and friends. I was blessed to capture the images. To view a selection of images on a slideshow click here.

Kyle had these flowers delivered to Brooke at Shampoo, what a great way to start the day.

An iphone and a bride, two of my favorite things to photograph.

Danita, the mother of the bride, looking happy and gorgeous!

This picture makes me so happy. The bridesmaids were uncorking champagne for mimosa's. I love the look of this image.

The trolley ride to the church.

The most amazing dress.

The rules of the church required me to stay in the back of this very large sanctuary, or up in the balcony. I am thrilled with these shots. My equipment and planning ahead enabled me to get these images.

Here is Brooke and her dad starting their walk down the aisle.

Kyle looking at his soon to be bride make her way down the aisle.

The band that played through the night was amazing. They played different genre's of music and rocked the terrace. The energy was kicked up about a thousand notches when they started to sing, Don't Stop Believing by Journey. Brooke loves this song and was encouraged by the singer to come up and take over the lead vocals. She was amazing, she hit every note and rocked the house. Everyone went crazy!

The crowd cheering Brooke on.

Kyle took the microphone after Brooke finished and screamed "THIS IS MY WIFE" He was so proud of her.

Time to go.


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