Lillian and Sloan - The Wedding Day

Lillian and Sloan were married at The Inn at Serenbe in Palmetto, Georgia. The day was full of beauty inserted into every detail. Lillian is currently a student at SCAD in Savannah. She is developing her craft of jewelry design and creation. She and all the women in her family have the gift of creativity. When you look at the designs and details in the following pictures just know that Lillian and Co. were the heart and soul of it all. Lillian and Sloan are full of hospitality and kindness, they are a couple that is easy to spend time with. Their spirits are full of grace and generosity that they willingly share with all around. It was a fantastic wedding and full of love, from the smallest detail to the venue itself, it was perfectly Lilly and Sloan.

Click here for a slideshow of more of the images from the day. I used several of the songs that Lillian and Sloan incorporated into the wedding service.

Serenbe was a beautiful place to hold a wedding.

Here are their beautiful rings. Lillian not only designed Sloan's wedding band she made it herself.

Here are Lillian's accessories for her wedding day. She has exquisite taste and all these pieces worked perfectly with her dress.

I loved all the accessories but especially loved the necklace. Lillian chose the necklace, then found out it was discontinued. Her mother apparently can find a needle in a haystack, she located it on Ebay and it became Lillian's Christmas present from her mom and dad.

There is a story that goes along with this sign. For a week or two before the wedding, Lillian's dad with the help of her mom took pictures of Lillian's dogs who were placed in a Gator vehicle, with the sign hanging, posed as though they were making a run for Serenbe. They weren't going to miss Lilly's wedding, even if they had to drive themselves there. This sign was placed in the front driveway to welcome all the wedding guests.

Here is Lillian's wedding gown. I loved the shrug that she paired with the dress, the weather was so warm that she didn't need the shrug after all.

What can I say about these sisters. They are great friends and they make each other laugh. No one can laugh like Lillian's sister Lyndsey. This is one of my most favorite images from the day.

Lyndsey was Lillian's make up stylist ; )

Lillian's mom attached Lillian's purity ring to the back of her necklace. This ring was given to Lillian by Sloan as a commitment to purity in their dating and engaged relationship.

Sweet Lillian.

Lovely dresses.

Lillian and Sloan chose First Glance, pictures before the wedding. Lillian chose this amazing Equestrian Center, that is part of the Serenbe Community, for first glance images. Lovely.

A bridal portrait of Lillian.

Lillian and Sloan.

The Wedding Party.

The Ladies.

Wedding Portrait inside the Equestrian Center.

Lillian and Sloan. You can see the old barn behind him that will be the backdrop in the next image.

I loved this old barn that was off the side of the road in the Serenbe Community. It was a beautiful backdrop to another wedding party image.

Here is an image I took during the wedding. The ceremony was beautiful and emotions were plentiful. When I post the slideshow within the next week you will get to see some of those emotions that were such a beautiful part of this holy matrimony.

Lillian's flowers.

The reception was on the same property. Just a small walk from the wedding site. We were able to get some great images along the way.

Meet Pearl and Pepper. Baby lambs who live at Serenbe.

The wedding cake was called a "naked cake," the layers were made up of pound cake, no frosting on the outside, just between each layer. The frosting was a praline butter-cream. It was several layers high. I loved the beautiful decorations of pearls and flowers at the top of the cake.

The gift from Lillian and Sloan for those in attendance was a self-serve coffee bean bar. There were three types of beans to choose from, the beans could be scooped into the burlap pouches. I have the Honduran coffee and we have been enjoying it all week.

The table assignments...decorated with Lillian's broaches.

Here are some of the reception details. I am officially in love with bird cages now.

Lillian and Sloan announced and entering the reception.

First Dance of the Bride and Groom.

Here is Lillian and Sloan's getaway ride. This night was the night of the supermoon. It lit up the roads and fields and looked so beautiful. What a blessing that was for Lillian and Sloan as they were on their hayride.



Anonymous said…
Tammy these are wonderful I can't wait to see them. Cindy
Lisa said…
Beautiful pictures!! Doesn't she look beautiful in her dress?
Lyndsey said…
I cannot stand how good these are!! Haah :) I just smile and think back. I love how a pic can recreate a memory! Love them all. I esp love the one of Lilly by herself in the window... Just breathtaking! Love you Tammy and thank you!! Great job

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