The Pods 2014

My good friends, the Pods, came to visit in Abilene this month. They live in Russia, so we don't get to see this sweet crew very often. I have cherished my time with them and will not be ready to send them on their way when the time comes. We took these pictures Thursday night. The moment that the crazy hail storm blew through Abilene and moved on we were in our cars heading up to Hardin Simmons. It is hard to believe that these images were taken at 7pm when at 6:30pm there were people running for cover. It made for an eventful shoot as most of the foliage from the trees was on the ground and we felt like we were in a war zone. However, the girls both had camp coming up so we waited out the storm and met for the shoot. No matter the circumstances time with this family is SUCH a treat. I cherished the moments.


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