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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Guffey Awesomeness!!

I was blessed to take the Guffey's family pictures again this year. We traveled to some locations that were meaningful to Trey as places he remembered from his childhood.

I loved bringing history forward a bit with the present in these images. The images were taken in an old barn, at a historical cabin that used to belong to an herbalist named Nancy Parker -who traveled to the sick, and the final images were taken on a country road.

We think we had a rattle snake close at one point, and then on the country road a swarm of thousands of bee's flew OVER us and kept on going. Welcome to the country. Enjoy these sweet faces.

On a side note, the kids had a bit of fun switching around their numbers and I had just about finished editing one of the pics and realized that it was one where the numbers were mixed up so I left that one off so as not to confuse anyone...then there was the one where Dean thought it would be funny to turn the numbers around, I told him that I would think of something fun to insert onto the black board for him. And then I am sure we all know when it is time to finish up taking pics, the limit has been reached, we will see that in one of the images, too. Enjoy!!

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