Will and Jenni Engagements

Much of my Arizona family is in for the Thanksgiving holidays. We were so excited that, my brother, Will, brought his precious fiance, Jenni, for us to meet for the first time. We have fallen in love with her, just as the rest of the family has. So glad that the streets of Abilene, TX, are the location of these images. So much history of our family lives on these streets, my grandfather managed a dress shop across from the waterfall in the 1940's. Our grandparents, dad and uncle, used to visit the Paramount Theatre, seeing the first screening of what we would call classics today, that is when they could take their eyes off the mesmerizing sparkly stars and moving clouds on the inside roof of the Paramount. We can remember the sparkly sidewalks from when we were children coming to Abilene for a visit. There couldn't have been a more beautiful place, for two beautiful people, to walk along together letting the camera catch their hearts for each other. Love you both.


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