Kade and Konner at Home

One of my regular seasonal sittings that I look forward to the most is with the Frazier family. This year I went to their home to get some fun pics of Kade and Konner with all their cool John Deere Tractors and a couple of their horses. It was a great night for pictures and we had a blast with the experience of it all.

I know many people who would love to have a Dublin Dr. Pepper Machine out their barn door. Slightly jealous of this!

Kade, Konner and the beautiful horse, Frosty.

Kade and Konner are sitting on a restored John Deere lawn mower. This lawn mower belonged to their great-grandmother.

I love the look on Konner's face here, it is a battle of wills. The horse is trying to eat the grass in the yard, and this grass isn't good for the horse to eat. So Konner is doing his best to keep the horse from chowing down. Good job, Konner!!


Anonymous said…
GREAT pictures of two great boys! You did a super job as always! Thanks for sharing!
Gwen White

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