Hallie and Colby Wedding

Hallie and Colby were married last weekend out at his family's land, under the oak trees. The wedding was beautiful. Hallie and the girls got ready at the Hamby Church just down the street from the wedding. Click here to see the slideshow.

There were several signs along the way to help direct the guests to the location.

The location was ranch land. There were a couple of horses that mosy'd on over to say hi at their fence a couple of times. Electricity was brought in and Hallie's aunt brought in her family's travel trailer for the girls to finish getting ready in. Here is Hallie with her bridesmaids tying the back of her dress.

Here is Colby's aunt putting on the special veil.

I love the back of Hallie's dress, and the wind in her veil here. This was the first glance moment between Hallie and Colby.

Hallie had kept it a secret until this very moment that she was wearing Colby's mom's veil. Colby's mom passed over to the other side, the best side, heaven, just a couple of years ago. There were several remembrances of her through the day, but the most touching to me was Hallie wearing her veil. In this exact moment Hallie is telling Colby that her veil was his mom's...he just closed his eyes, there were tears that followed, but this moment was so beautiful it is probably my most favorite picture of the day.

Greg walking Hallie down the aisle.

A beautiful portrait of Hallie and Colby.


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