Amber and Kent and Kiddo's

My sweet friend Amber and her family drove into Abilene this week to visit family. I was so blessed to see them today to take their pics. This is one beautiful family inside and out. And even though I don't need to say it...2 year old Ruby has an amazing smile and big gorgeous cheeks along with a personality that brings joy to all those around her. Her brother, baby Stephen, is 3 months old and has a beautiful smile too! Enjoy these beautiful pics!


Lisa said…
Beautiful pictures, Tammy! The family photo especially caught my eye. Getting a one year old and a 3 month old to smile together - along with the parents - is quite a trick. I love your work.
Amber Joy said…
I'm mesmorized! These are sooo beautiful! Thank you so much, Tammy. What talent!
Happy said…
Tammy, You have captured this wonderful family in a beautiful way.

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