Before and After - Mother Mary

This time of year taking pictures is a scarcity for me. Cold weather, crunchy brown grass and red noses don't photograph well. This has been a season of respite for me. I have enjoyed my business's downtime and am rested and ready to take some beautiful pictures in the next coming months. Until then, I have twitchy fingers, my creative side loves to bring out my personal vision for an image I have taken. I look through my camera to see what is often a visual story. With the magic of Photoshop I can bring to life the mood of what was in my head when I released the shutter. Here is an image that I took in the oldest church in the town of San Miguel, Mexico a couple of months ago. I took many images that day, but I have a soft place in my heart for the young mother of Christ. Mother Mary who when faced with an angel who told her she would have a child, she said some very powerful words that inspire me every day. "May it be to me as you will".

Here is the before, straight out of camera.

And here is how I imagined it, my vision, when I made that clicking sound on my camera.

Thank you Mother Mary for being so brave.


Courtney said…
beautiful, Tammy!

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