Traveling Mercies

I was cc'd in on a string of emails this week thanks to my friend at the APD, Mr. Mike ; ) There was an artist/organizer who is planning to present an art show in Abilene with the proceeds to benefit Love and Care Ministries. Some of the folks that benefit from those organizations in a daily way came to enjoy a hot breakfast, some new to them jackets, an interview by one of my favorite local writers and their own personal photo shoot. I was blessed to be able to volunteer time today taking pictures of some great faces and making some new friends. Some of these faces have lived in Abilene their whole life, some are traveling through. May God grant each of these lives traveling mercies that only He can provide. I am thankful for the opportunities my camera allows me to be a part of. Out of the 400 pictures I took this morning I found a couple that I will post here to share, but I am looking forward to the real event when all is set.


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