Pumpkin Patch Fun

My husband works at DRI (Disability Resources Inc.) and during the month of October DRI hosts a wonderful pumpkin patch. It is full of the most beautiful pumpkins you will ever see, along with the most odd looking pumpkins I have ever seen. There is something for everyone there. My family had volunteered to go out and help with the pumpkin patch on a couple of Thursday night's this month. I mentioned this on Facebook at about noon on Thursday that we were headed up there that night. One of my friends asked if I was going to bring my camera...that got me thinking, how fun would it be to bring my camera and take pics! So that afternoon, late notice, I announced on Facebook that I would be up at the Pumpkin Patch with camera in hand and would take pics of all who came and purchased a pumpkin or two. I think it was a hit as several people saw the post and headed to the magical place of pumpkins and special "folks." If I took your pictures then you can email/facebook me (tammy@marcelainphotography.com)or leave a comment below with your email address and I will send you the gallery address. I felt a little weird putting other people's pics on a public gallery that anyone could download, so for privacy reasons decided it was best to send out the info to you directly rather than have a link for all to click on. I will keep this gallery up for a week, so be sure to grab whatever you want in the next week. The pics are in color of course but for the purpose of my blog I had fun using a new "tweak" I have for my post here. The pics that you can download are high resolution, however the pics here on my blog are low res, so these wont print well.


Mindi said…
I love whatever "tweak" you used here! Makes the pictures look awesome!

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