Laney is 1!!

I met this sweet group on Friday out at the State Park. We were SO blessed by the weather, it had been iffy all day long, and then it cleared up and the wind died down and we were so thankful. Little Laney celebrated her 1st birthday this week, she enjoyed being out at the State Park. Lauren and her boyfriend, Zac drove in from Tech for Laney's party this weekend, I know the family enjoyed being together. To see a slideshow of all the proofs click here.

Here is Laney with bit of a Vintage look.

I love this shot, I was glad to have turned around to see it happening, sweet Daddy and his little girl.


Melanie said…
Oh my goodness, Tammy!! These are all so wonderful! You could not have captured everything better. I'm just giddy to know we'll have these moments captured to look at forever!

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