Welcome to my photography blog. Here you will find images, images and more images. I blog samples of my work from most every sitting. Pictures of babies, families, high school seniors, bridals and engagement images. Scroll through the site and you will get a feel for how I see people. I see relationships, love and generosity in the people whom I photograph, I want that to show through the still picture.

Marcelain Photography has closed it's doors but I know lots of people who love to see their pics on line so enjoy this blog as a gallery.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

The Cranfill Family

I met the Cranfill's out at the State Park this week for family pictures. I think we had a sitting scheduled for last year, but illness or weather got in the way, can't remember exactly. Then at the APAC Showcase I had donated a sitting to be bid on to benefit APAC. The Cranfill's bid on the sitting and won, I was so excited, and I know APAC was too!! (Abilene Performing Art's Company) It was a blessing to have David's mom, Pat, be a part of the sitting. She is one amazing woman! Pat, David and Stephanie are incredible examples of Christ living in them, in their actions and compassion for others. I was incredibly blessed to take their pictures. Click here to see a slideshow of the proofs.

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