Tamara, Lance and 3 Amazing Little Doodlebugs!!

I met Tamara, Lance and their three kiddo's last night to take pictures. One of the main focuses of the sitting was to get some 9 month pictures of the baby but we also included family pics and kids pics too! The night was perfect with no wind. I think that I can count the "windless" days of 2010 on all my fingers so it was a real blessing to not have to fight flying hair ; ) Tamara is a representative for
My Vintage Baby so the clothes are beautiful and fun in every way. Enjoy these images and look for a slideshow up by Monday night of all the proofs of the day.

Click here to see a slideshow of all the proofs.


Connie Chrane said…
What a precious family! I am enjoying getting to know them. Such cute pictures! You did a great job again, Tammy! Glad the mosquitoes didn't eat all of you up!

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