Hunter and Deric

I met Hunter and Deric downtown this afternoon to take some pictures. Hunter is a senior and about to graduate high school. They are wonderful young men and it was great to hang out with them for a while today. Hunter brought his guitar and I was blessed to listen to him play while I was taking his picture with the guitar. What a great blessing that was. Enjoy these images.
To see a slideshow of all the proof images click here. A note for the family, you can click on the little box on the bottom of the slideshow and it will stop the slideshow and turn it into more of a gallery. That will allow you to look at each image individually and notate your favorites by the file number listed with the image.


Anonymous said…
Awesome pictures!!!
Anonymous said…
What handsome young men. Haven't seen them in awhile and enjoyed seeing their pictures.....Glenda H

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