Emily - Senior Portraits

Emily wanted to have her senior portraits taken at her grandparents ranch about 45 minutes outside of town. I loved visiting the land with Emily and her mom. We hiked, gatored, climbed and kicked grass around looking for snakes. No snakes were found thankfully but we were blessed with a smiling dog, clucking chickens, fluttering hummingbirds and a sunshiney day. It was a fun day for all. Several of these images are due an explanation...

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This first image is Emily sitting in front of her rock. Emily and each of her siblings have their own rock on the mountain.

In order to get to the mountain and find our way to Emily's rock Janet, Emily's mom, drove us in the Gator. It was such a fun ride.

After the mountain before we headed out to the wheat fields we checked on the chickens and collected eggs with Emily's Nana. Here is Emily and Nana collecting the days eggs.

Emily is a ballerina. I took some images of her as the sun was going down. I love these images. The bottom image is all of Emily's pointe shoes through the years along with her first pair of ballet shoes. I love that image.


Leah said…
I adore the pic of the shoes

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