Danny and Angela Wedding Day

Danny and Angela's wedding was marvelous. The day was filled with family, friends and fun. Angela did a great job planning and all the details came together without flaw. The ceremony was filled with laughs, tears and great expressions. I love the expression on Angela's sisters face below, along with the great faces made by Angela and Danny. The groomsmen decided to spice up the ceremony a bit by "accidentally" misplacing the bride's wedding ring. Once the best man looked in his pockets for the ring and couldn't find it a dozen or so men in the audience raised their hands and said they had the ring. They all brought up "a ring" then Danny had to pick Angela's ring out of the bowl. I have included a picture of the fake rings taken after the ceremony. Fun times. After the reception finished and the bride and groom did there getaway, we met at ACU for pics at the Hunter Welcome Center. My favorite accessory of the day was for sure the cake topper on the groom's cake. Many blessings to Danny and Angela, enjoy your future together. Click here for your slideshow.

The Ring Images

Danny and Angela gave each other notes before the wedding. Here is a shot of the note that Danny gave Angela.

Angela is a Resident Director in one of the dorms at ACU. I went by there to get some pics and loved this note board on the door.

Angela's flowers taking a drink of water before all the festivities begin.

Angela is having her make up done here.

Angela's sister was in charge of Angela's hair. Here she is still working on it, but doesn't Angela look pretty.

Here are a couple pics of the lovely bride.

The Bride's Cake with ACU Purple kisses. ACU might be one of the only teams that Danny and Angela can scream for victory on the same side.

And my favorite accessory of the day, Angela and Danny chose this cake topper for the grooms cake. Football is one of their favorite things.

Mr. Bearden walking Angela down the aisle. I love this pic.

Here is a pic of Danny looking awestruck at his beautiful bride who is steps away from taking his hand for the rest of her life.

Robert O. is leading a prayer with Danny, Angela and Mr. Bearden together in front of him.

Wide shot of the church while the ceremony is taking place. I see some familiar heads.

These following pics are the part of the service that Mr. Bearden is doing the talking. He was addressing Angela in this series of pictures. I wish I could tell you what he was saying, but there were so many "funnies" that I can't remember each one. I will say that poor Angela had to relive some more "independent" parts of her single life before hundreds. It added some personality to the ceremony, and Angela didn't mind at all (I did have to ask her later, and she assured me she was good with it).

Alisha's expression after Mr. Bearden shared some of "the goods".

Danny and Angela, love both of their expressions here.

During the Vows.

Danny has had a long friendship with most of his groomsmen. And when in each other's weddings they make a point to spice up the ceremony by adding lots of adventure. Danny has just asked Scott, his best man for the ring, Scott looking perplexed can't find the ring. He asks around for it and before you know it several men from the audience have raised their hands claiming that they are holding the ring. They each bring a ring up to the front and put it in a pottery bowl. Leaving Danny to have to search for the "right" ring amongst the wrappers and costume jewelry.

The rings are on, the ceremony is over, and the bride and groom make their way out the back doors.

The pottery of rings.

A group image of the wedding party.

After the getaway the bride and groom were driven to the Hunter Welcome Center at ACU for their wedding pictures. It was the perfect day for pictures, no wind and the weather was not too hot, nor too cold. It was a dream day.


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