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Saturday, February 20, 2010

And Julie Wins...not the gold...but the Black and White!

I was thrilled at how many people entered the drawing. This afternoon I wrote all names of who entered the drawing on a sheet of paper and cut them out. Put them in Jack's cereal bowl and had Derek and Jack do the honors of choosing the name of the random drawing.

Here is the bowl of names, about 60 people entered.

Here is Jack picking a paper out of the bowl.

I had taken him away from watching a movie so he never once looked in the bowl, and when I asked him to show me what he drew so I could take a picture of it he was still watching the movie. He was officially an uninterested party to do the drawing.

Here are Julie's two favorite images. Julie once you let me know your final choice I will order the image and then take it to the framers!

Thanks to EVERYONE for entering it was fun to see what everyone's favorites were. Several asked to order an image if they didn't win, feel free to email me at marcelain5@sbcglobal.net to get info. Thanks for a fun week!

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