The Gardner Family

I met Kera and Brandon at ACU to take some family pics on Saturday morning. It was fun hanging out with their family. For a couple of months I taught in the 2 year old class at church and Zane their oldest boy, he is 3 yrs. old now, was in my class. He has a personality that reaches the moon, he has more energy than any large group of children combined, and is as smart as can be. I find that when I am around Zane that a smile immediately comes to my face. He is a b.o.y. through and through. I am grateful that I was able to spend time with this fun family and was blessed by their presence. Enjoy these pics. Click here for the slideshow.


Brandi said…
I had to come back and look at the slideshow! The series of Zane in front of the Welcome Center and on the steps could be kids clothing ads!!!

Love them even more the second time around!


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