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Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Schneider Family

Today started with rain and very dark skies, I am so thankful that the sun shone today when I met the Boydstun family at ACU. I am quite sure that this evening was completely blessed by God. The skies were a beautiful bright blue, the clouds were beautiful. We have had to reschedule a couple of times and I was so glad that everything worked out for tonight. The Boydstun's drove an hour and a half to Abilene to take pictures. The sitting was to commemorate family and to especially get some pictures of Dawson, he is the cute little red head. Dawson is battling cancer, on the outside he might have some physical trouble but I can say that he was the happiest boy ever!! He told me tonight that he was glad I was going to take his picture. He clapped, and smiled and was totally into the night. Dawson's brother's were amazing as well. They had a great time hanging out, climbing and tackling each other and put up with me quite well with a camera in front of them. ACU was a fun place for the boys to explore. There were MANY great images, but I have selected a few that touched my heart. Click here for the slideshow.


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Extraordinary! I don't know this family, but your photos captured their spirit enough to touch my heart as I viewed the slideshow.


Sharon Winkler