Sneak Peak Katie and Blake Wedding Day

Katie and Blake were married one week ago today at the Marquardt Ranch in Boerne, TX. The day was beautiful, the location amazing. Katie and Blake are a very fun couple. Blake is always making Katie laugh. I had hoped to have the full blog post up today, but alas this week was a bit crazier than most. So I am posting a teaser. 3 of my favorite pics of Katie and Blake. I will have the full blog post up at the beginning of next week, but until then enjoy these fun pics.

Katie and Blake chose to do their pictures before the wedding, perfect. They will have many fun pics to remember this time by. I also included the one of the famous Bell Tower pics. Many brides and grooms choose the Marquardt Ranch because of the picture taking opportunities with this beautiful bell tower, that is up VERY high. I had to climb up a ladder with camera gear in hand to be across from them on my own bell tower, then took their pics on theirs. The pictures are SO worth it, but let me tell you I was a little bit nervous.

Check back for more images on Monday or Tuesday.


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