Ruby Grace

Ruby Grace and her mommy and daddy came to visit over the weekend. I was blessed to shoot her mom and dad's wedding last year and now in the same backyard as the wedding I was blessed to take pics of little Ruby.

Ruby's precious little toes.

Finishing her meal before her first professional photographic session begins.

Tummy is full and she is ready for her time in front of the camera.

Ruby and her daddy.

Four generations of females. Ruby, Mom, Marmee, and Great Grandma a.k.a. Happy.

Ruby and Marmee

Mom, Dad and Baby

I love the expression on Ruby's face in this image and in those following.

Ruby's first professional sitting was over, her star power needed some rest.


Amber Joy said…
Yay! They look great! What a good-looking baby! And Kent said you're an amazing photographer - you even made HIM look good. ;) We had a great time. Ruby has such a serious look. Always studying and contemplating... You captured her well.
Happy said…
The pictures are precious!
Tammy, you captured the moment perfectly.
Jill said…
Hey! I'm a friend of Kent and Amber's and just want to say these pictures are WONDERFUL!!! You captured them all so well especially sweet little Ruby!!!! Thanks for sharing!

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