Mr. and Mrs. Mack

This was the first night I met Mr. and Mrs. Mack (mother and father of the bride, Katie). The rehearsal had just finished and as the rest of the group were visiting, Mr. and Mrs. Mack went to the dance floor to practice their dancing for the reception. This picture says so much to me. The big cross over their heads reminds me that Christ is with them. The smile on Mrs. Mack's face shows that she is loving being in her husbands arms. There is so much romance on a wedding day, but to see a man and wife looking into each others eyes and seeing love and respect when many years stand between today and the day they were married is truly one of the most amazing blessings. Mr. and Mrs. Mack, may God shine upon each of you and fill your lives with His mercy and grace. Thank you for this moment in time.


Rebecca said…
They are like this all the time. Precious people and what Godly role models! Who'd of known that Mr. Mack's middle name is Leggett!
Connie Chrane said…
Mr. and Mrs. Mack raised such a wonderful daughter! And got a great son-in-law, too! I love them both. I LOVE your work, Tammy! These pictures are great..... can't wait to see the rest of them.

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