Marissa and Caleb Wedding Day

Marissa and Caleb were married last weekend at Hillcrest Church of Christ, followed by the reception at the T&P Downtown. The wonderful June Shepherd from Celebrations did an exquisite job with all the flowers and decorations, food and fun punches at the reception. I really wanted to get this blog post up before I left town and take a couple of days away from the computer next week because of family in town. Here are a couple of favorites, I started with 70 favorites...eeeek. Narrowed it down to just over twenty which is where I try and keep those blog posts as there maximums. Look for the slideshow on this post by the end of next week, there will be many more family and friend pics included.

Love all these pics below. Love that the bride went to the store to buy a card in between hair and makeup, love that she went to the beauty supply store to grab her eye lashes, love that JuliAnn the brides sister is in rollers under the hair dryer. Love the bridal party pics, boys and girls. So glad that Marissa wanted to push on through with the outdoor family and bridal party pics, they are beautiful, you can't really tell in the pics but it was H-O-T when we were taking those pics. In between groups Marissa needed to get some air to her legs and I love the shot that went along with that. I could have put several up of Caleb and his attendants being wild and crazy, but not enough room, look for those in the slideshow.
The wedding was beautiful, the people were beautiful. To see a selection of images on a slideshow click here.


Debbie said…
You are an amazing wedding photographer, Miss Tammy! What blessed couples to have you documenting their days!
stevenjared0853 said…
Fantastic photography! I am also looking for a photographer just like this for my wedding. I have already shortlisted a few Chicago venues for the wedding and I am super excited for my marriage. Please give more details about the photographer, I really liked the photographic style!

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