Katie and Blake Wedding Day 2

I posted a sneak peak of Katie and Blake's wedding day on the previous post. Here are some more blogamazing images. Each time I look at these images I am simply amazed at all the lovely nooks and crannies at The Marquardt Ranch.
Not only do they have the bell tower but there is an amazing backdrop to the wedding, getting ready rooms are beautifully decorated, everything perfect. Katie and Blake are precious and their sweet, fun loving personalities shine through in these images. To view the slideshow click here.
(Link should be active by midnight tonight)...thanks too all for their patience, I had more sittings/wedding editing in front of me for a couple of weeks than I could get done quickly. Appreciate you checking back to see the slideshow. Blessings to you.

Katie's dress fit the location perfectly, beautiful with a bit of a Spanish flair.

The rings are dreamy. Love the colors in this image.

Katie's cousin did a great job with Katie's make up. Katie is a beautiful bride.

Katie was peeking out the window here.

Katie and Blake decided to see each other and do all the pictures before the wedding. Here is the First Glance of Blake seeing Katie for the first time.

Katie and Blake gave each other their wedding day presents before the wedding. Blake gave Katie a beautiful Bible and Katie gave blake a leather bound journal that she had written in. She had filled it with letters to Blake and prayers she had written on behalf of Blake. It was a very emotional time and there were tears gently falling down cheeks in these following images.

The wedding party. I love the colors. Everyone looked amazing.

Katie and her dad. I have cried at least 3 times while viewing this image. To catch this exchange of looks between a daddy and his oldest daughter before he is to walk her down the aisle and give her away in is such a blessing to me. These moments in time have been frozen never to be forgotten.

The following day was Father's Day. Katie was speaking into the card she was going to give to her dad. She was wishing him a happy Father's day, and he would hear it from her on the card even though she would be on a plane travelling to her honeymoon. Katie's mom is in the background in this image. Her dress is beautiful, she was radiant as the mother of the bride.

Katie is watching the guests walk up to the ranch shortly before the wedding would start.

Isn't this an amazing backdrop for the wedding???

This little boy did his best to keep himself occupied during the wedding. He was gathering all of the rose petals and stacking them into a mountain, and secretly without his family seeing him throwing them one at a time at the woman seated behind them. The pelt-ee was being very gracious pretending not to notice that she had flowers being pelted at her.

Love Katie's sister's expression in this. What a fun wedding ceremony.

Mr. and Mrs.

First Dance. Katie's cake in the background was made by her aunt, grandma, and grandpa. The cookie jar's next to it were Blake's "cake" filled with chocolate chip cookies.

The Getaway.


Connie Chrane said…
Congratulations Katie and Blake! I'm so happy for the both of you. Your pictures are wonderful! Stay in touch. Love you both....
Anonymous said…
Absolutely Beautiful! What a special family!

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