Crystal and Tim Wedding Day

Crystal and Tim are such a special couple. They are very fun, silly and down to earth. They love to laugh and enjoy each other's company so much. The wedding and reception were at Pioneer Dr. Baptist in Abilene. I was so blessed to take pictures of this couple and their amazing families. There are stories that go along with many of the pics. A couple that I will write about....the tub of the little glisteny balls that were used to put in the vases. Most everyone stuck their arm down in the igloo, just to experience the extremely weird sensation...then the left overs were accidently spilled out and apparently took on a life of their own as they rolled EVERYWHERE in the reception area, down the hall...
The little girls in their precious. One of the little girls knew just what to do with her hands during the prayer in the ceremony, she has her praying hands and she is checking out what is going on around her. I love the sereneness of the image with Crystal adjusting the flowers on the pew as she helps get the church ready for her wedding. And then not too long after that Crystal was playing "My Heart Will Go On" from Titanic on the piano in her getting ready room. She is a bride of many talents. What a beautiful day!!
Enjoy these images. To see the slideshow click here.


Mandy Hank said…
The girls in the curlers are priceless- so cute!

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