Benton is 9 Months Old!!

I LOVE Benton, and I love taking his pictures. Benton is precious and the most well natured baby I have ever been around. He is just a happy baby. Enjoy these lovely pics of Benton and his family. His little cousin Clara joins him in one of the pictures below. To see the slideshow of the proofs click here.

One more Benton pic, just because he is too cute not to put another pic up!


Jennifer said…
OH MY GOODNESS! I love these and can't wait to see the rest. Thank you thank you!
hanner said…
Thanks, Tammy! They are better than I hoped they could be. You really do take the very best pictures!!

Mandy Hank said…
love the bubbles! :) So sweet
jennieland said…
You are so talented at taking "baby" pictures... although Benton is turning into more of a toddler than a baby! So cute.

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