The Neill's

The Neill's are my friends not just my clients. Karene and I have been known to drink coffee with a crazy/wonderful/wild group of women. Each member of this family has a great heart for the Lord and each other, although Nathan tries to keep that last part a secret most of the time, but he doesn't fool me ; ) I hope you enjoy just a smidgen of the fun pics we took out at the Abilene State Park last night. To my friends the Neill's y'all are a precious part of our lives whom we adore. When my son Jack was in chemo a couple of years ago Karene took it upon herself to organize and many times cook meals on Thursday night so I wouldn't have to give dinner a second thought after spending the day in the clinic with Jack. They were hands that God used to touch our family during that time. I will be eternally grateful to Karene. To see the slideshow click here.


Of course, I'm crying over these shots...... Tammy, you have so much talent to draw us all out. Love ya sis.

Karene, your kids are too big. These are terrific pics.

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