Kay, J.R. and Family

Kay asked me to take pictures of her sweet family. Included in the sitting were Kay's sister, Shana and her family, and Kay and Shana's mom and dad. We all met up at ACU on Saturday. It was a pretty afternoon with a bit of a breeze. The pictures turned out beautiful. I was editing these images earlier today while listening to Michael W. Smith's live album. The song Majesty started playing and as I was looking at the individuals that make up this group and how each of them look at each other with so much love and respect it brought tears to my eyes (that is the nice way to say it, I was really crying like a baby). I have seen Dara and Erica grow up from little munchkins, and now they are beautiful young women. I have seen Kay and J.R. strive to serve the Lord by serving His people and working endlessly and tirelessly for God's Kingdom. Dave and Shana and their precious children were amazing to photograph, each one with their own personality. Kay's mom and dad were so kind and full of smiles. I praise God for each of the people in these images. Each family group has a love that shine's through for each other. I am blessed to record such moments, and I am blessed to have a God that allows us to see glimpse's of His Majesty in His people.
To see the slideshow click here.


Courtney said…
Tammy, I love all of these! They are so filled with happiness. My favorite is the one of the husband kissing his lovely wife on the head. Beautiful, beautiful capture!

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