Lighting in Dallas

I am in Dallas for a seminar on lighting. There are what seems like hundreds of ways to light an image, and so many different tastes and preferences, and lighting is not the most exciting part of photography, big surprise. As I make it a priority to improve my art all year long and go to many seminars to keep fresh I have never gone to a lighting seminar before. A couple of seminars have briefly touched on lighting, but those photographers like myself are primarily natural light photographers. Nonetheless, the more I know, the more options I have. So today has been filled with much information, several things I will take back home and integrate into some of my work. I still love natural light and it is definitely my first choice, but those late night receptions and for a portrait here and there it will be great to integrate what I am learning. One thing I love about light is when it adds mood to an image. You would think I have some lit portraits to show, but alas none today, although our field trip was to the Dallas Fair and during many of the down times when lighting equipment was being set up I was able to snap a couple of images that I think represent some flava of the fair.

The big fair dude. Is his name Ted? Ted the talking giant. He welcomes everyone in with a big Texas hello.

This picture was from the pumpkin carving booth.

Some pretty Texas flowers.

I took a pic of the top of this food booth, of course I couldn't walk by it without thinking of my sweet boy.

Crazy fun rides, I love the motion!

And the food. Fried Green Tomatoes. They were yummy, but my friend Denise's are better.


Holly Packer said…
Aww...I love the state fair...I have gone every year since I can remember!! Collin and I actually got engaged on the big ferris wheel there!! I love the pics of the rides you took!! You will have to tell me how to do that!!! I hope you had a good trip and ate lots of fried food there!! YUMMY!! :D
Susan said…
I love the action rides with the beautiful colors! Great job, Tammy!
Erin said…
oh wow and yummy :D :D and how fun to be at a lighting seminar! i really want to go to the image is found shoot seminar things. what type of lighting equipment do you use? i use some pocket wizards and my 2 580 canon flashes. i'm still such a novice with it all though!

i love the photo with guy watching the farris wheel and how he is the only thing in focus. what exposure/iso speed did you shoot that with? or was it a little photoshoped? either way, amazing!!!
Tammy M. said…
Hi Erin,
I used an iso of 160 which allowed for the image to blur the moving ride but kept the employee in focus. I sharpened the image in lightroom but that was all I did to the image before I posted it. It was alot of fun.

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