Danny, Linda, Jaxon, Jaden and Aunt Brenda

I had so much fun last night. Linda, Danny and the kids were so much fun. I had a great time spending time with their family. I know Linda's twin sister from church and I was SO excited to get a picture of them together at the end of the shoot. Most of the pictures are self explanatory. One of the images I took was when Jaden was walking to the end of the building but instead of walking on the sidewalk he was climbing on the outside of the pillars to get there. Then there is the collage of pics that wasn't planned, Jaxon was just trying to freak out his little brother by kissing him on the nose, a sneaky look on Jaxon's face starts the collage and a typical brother reaction finishes it. Enjoy these images. To see a slideshow click here.


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