Crystal and Chris Wedding Day

Saturday was a great day. Crystal and Chris were married at a family members home, yes, this is West Texas, not an island getaway. If there is any doubt check out the walls and you will know we are in Texas country. The location was spectacular but nothing could compare to the bride and groom and their love for each other. It was such a blessing to spend time with Crystal and her girls during their getting ready time, then to hang out with Chris and his guys on the golf course, which is the backyard to the wedding local. Chris is a golfer and chose his cake to represent that, and Crystal's cake was gorgeous. To see the slideshow of select images of the day click here. Most images are self-explanatory, but in the middle of them all is one of the ring bearers, who before the wedding was drinking a Dr. Pepper and so he wouldn't spill on his white shirt, his mom took it off while he drank. He became a little model and was enjoying having his picture made. He looks like he could be in a magazine ad for great hair. Precious people.


Sarah said…
While putting dead animals on your walls is totally Texan, hippos are not native to Texas at all. As usual, pictures are AH. MAZE. ING!!!! And you KNOW I'm so crazy about the one with the doodlebug hiding his eyes from the kissing girls! :-) So precious!
Susan said…
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