Alyssa and J.R. - Wedding Day

What a day! Alyssa and J.R. were married at the Willow Creek Chapel in Abilene. It was a beautiful location for such a beautiful wedding. Alyssa really did a great job of planning every detail, she crafted, created and dreamed to bring her fairy tale wedding to fruition. Every detail was perfect. Alyssa and J.R. are so in love, they cherish each other and it is so very apparent when you are in their company. Each gave one another a gift before the wedding, Alyssa gave J.R. court side tickets to a NBA Basketball game, and then J.R. gave her his heart written in a journal that was decorated in her signature animal print. On each page was a journal entry that he had written to her every day from the day he proposed. It was a tearful time in the bridal room when Alyssa opened her gifts, what a blessing.

The cakes were totally fun, Alyssa's covered in animal print and feathers, J.R.'s a basketball and hoop. I couldn't take my eyes off of J.R.'s grandmother and her twin sister, they are so cute and fun!

To honor Alyssa's father and her heritage a group of mexican dancer's were brought in to perform some traditional wedding dances. It was so much fun. All were dressed so beautifully and I love the picture of the young boy in his traditional garb.

These are a couple of my favorite images, there are so many good ones to choose from. I hope that you enjoy this precious couples pictures. Alyssa and J.R. thanks for including me in your special day. To see the slideshow of a selection of images from the day click here.


Courtney said…
Tammy, I absolutely ADORE your new blog!! is incredible. Also, I have to tell you that these wedding images are just beautiful...the image of the twin ladies wearing purple is fantastic. They are going to adore these. Amazing job!!

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