DRI Dove Hunt Luncheon

I was invited to take pictures today at DRI (Disability Resources Inc.) for their Dove Hunt Luncheon and ground breaking for their new facility. I had never been out there before and it was AWESOME!

Here is my photo taking pal. He likes to take pictures just as much as I do. He shared some of his pictures with me and they were so good. He took a picture of me taking a picture of him.

Cute little baby bassett hound. He brought smiles to everyone who saw his cute little mug.

This gentleman was delightful. He came right up to me and shook my hand, asked me my name and started telling me that he was wearing his read shirt today because he was supporting our military troops.


Betty Rose's cooked up some tasty burgers.

Go ACU Wildcats!

Go Longhorns!

I love extra big smiles that shine joy from ear to ear. I was blessed to receive several big hugs from this precious woman.

Steve Kanaly of Dallas fame trying out the exercise equipment. Many celebrities support DRI and come out to participate in the Dove Hunt. I took a couple pics of the celebs, they were totally cool with it, but I felt a bit like paparazzi, which totally makes me want to go bleck, so mainly I focused on the residents.


Yep, those residents look so sweet. Great new look, too!
Sarah said…
The grinning hug lady makes me smile. What a day you had!
Tammy M. said…
She makes me smile again each time I see her picture.

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