Viertel Family Pictures

Tanner, Blair and Jack came to Abilene to visit Mark and Karen. We had a great time traveling the family land to take these pictures. This land in Hawley has belonged to Karen's family since the 1800's and they have cattle, deer leases, and family homes on the land. It was really fun for me to see the land, and also to walk by cattle to get to our locations. It was definitely cowboy boot territory, and nature was quite evident in beauty and rascally little creatures. Enjoy these images and that cute little, Jack!!

Jack was ready to stretch his legs here! He is such a sweet boy.
This rocking chair that Jack is sitting in was Karen's (his grandmother) when she was a little girl.

This shed is about to come down and has a long history on the land.

Running water in West Texas, I thought we were in Glory.

This picture is so sweet. Tanner decided he needed a break from looking at the camera and decided to give Blair kisses instead.

Jack is looking at his mom in this picture.


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