Hayden Senior Portraits

I met Hayden at his house for his senior portraits. It was a great night for pictures and their home made the perfect place for his pictures. Hayden was fun to hang out with, he was a natural in front of the camera. Can't wait to see the next steps in his journey..Maybe an aggie? Hayden was joined by his brother, Hutton, for some pictures toward the end, plus a precious pic with his mom. To see a slideshow of all the proofs click here.

I grabbed a picture of Hayden, Hutton and Tamara. I have photographed Tamara many a times, here she is without make up and not prepared to have her pic made, but she graciously stepped in front of the camera at my request. I have never taken a more beautiful picture of Tamara, here she is with her two boys and she is in her element.Each time I look at this pic, I tear up, there is something special in the relationship between a mom her her sons. She is a blessing to her family and so many more. Tamara, thanks for being you.


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