Majestic Work - Amazing

There was a time in my life that I knew that God was calling me into photography but I wasn't "in love" with most of the photography I saw. Every now and then I would catch a glimpse of "real life" in a photograph...and then I saw Marcus Bell's photography for the first time and immense love for his work was what I felt. Each time I look at his work I come away from that experience feeling like I know the people in the pictures, the weathered lines on a face are so full of life, a hard life sometimes, but the joy always shows through brightly. As I am transitioning this next year into school work and tweaking what my photography business will look like I can look at Marcus' work and it inspires me to never put down my camera no matter where the Lord calls.

There is a new trend in the photography industry with the professional camera's to include HD video within the camera, so photographers can shoot stills and video and combine the two. Marcus shot a 50th wedding anniversary for a couple late last year, I remember seeing the images on his blog and just crying at how beautiful and loving the images were of this couple, and in awe of Marcus' gift to capture it. Now he has put together a short film of that night that includes the images, HD video, and video from this families past. It is magnificent.

Click here to see the short film.

Marcus Bell has a successful studio in Brisbane, Australia and travels worldwide.


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