Alyssa and Jesse Wedding Day

Alyssa and Jesse were married last Saturday at Pioneer Drive Baptist Church then the reception followed at the Civic Center. The wedding was beautiful. Here are some of my favorite images from the day. Click here for the slideshow.

Here is Alyssa and her new sister, Jesse's twin sister. They are both getting their nails done at the Beauty School.

After Alyssa's mani and pedi she moved on to her make up appt. I could photograph Alyssa all day, she has such a statuesque physique and a porcelain beauty.

Then we moved onto her hair appt. at the beauty shop. I love this picture because it shows the character of the shop, and the TV up in the top left is showing the UT vs. OU game. It was the talk of the town. We love our football in Texas ; )

Here Alyssa's stylist is putting on her veil. I love the look on Alyssa's face here. She looks so peaceful.

Some last minute touch up curls.

Alyssa's mom is so precious. Here she and Alyssa are enjoying the last few moments before Alyssa heads out to start taking formal pics.

I love this picture.

Alyssa's bridesmaids were SO much fun. They were all beautiful, kind, helpful, funny...the list goes on. It was a pleasure hanging around them through the day.

Time for the boys to start taking pics. Jesse's mom had just put on his boutaniere.

After the formal pics were done with the guys they groomsmen asked if I would take a pic of them in a pyramid. Ofcourse!! Look at those great smiles and pearly whites. This pic is just the iceberg of the groomsmen's personalities. They were hysterical and kept everyone laughing all night long.

The bride's two little brothers were the ring bearers...they did exceptional.

The flower girl was precious.

Ceremony pics.

Alyssa chose the traditional blusher on her veil. She wore it through the ceremony.

It was time to kiss the bride. I love this series of pictures. The lifting of the blusher, and I love Alyssa's expression as she looks at Jesse.

This image is sweet. They did this on their own, I had them recreate it for a picture. Reminds me of an old fashioned picture.

On their way into the reception we were able to get some outdoor pics. The light was dreamy.

This picture wasn't really on my list of planned images for this wedding. It wasn't really Alyssa's style, which is a bit more traditional, but the bridal party was wanting something different and they were busting with energy. Some great jumps in there.

Aggie Groom's Cake and the Bride's Cake.

The groomsmen were really enjoying the toasts. They were drinking Sparkling Apple Juice. They are a hoot.

First Dance.

Here Alyssa has thrown the bouquet. Her little brother has run in and is giving the woman next to him a run for her money on who is going to end up with the bouquet. The woman won and then she tossed it back into the crowd and someone else ended up with it at the end.

I'm telling you, these guys are crazy.

I loved that the guests were able to grab a handful of fresh dried lavender and that is what they threw at the bride and groom as they were making their getaway.

And here the bride and groom are about to drive off. The next day they flew out to New Zealand for their honeymoon.


Amber Joy said…
I think she is the most beautiful bride I have ever seen. And you've captured her so well, as always.

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