Brooke and Kyle Sunday Brunch

The final event I photographed for Brooke and Kyle's wedding was the Sunday brunch which took place at Kyle's restaurant, called Chimy's. It was so much fun, everyone had a blast and it was the perfect way for everyone to say one last goodbye to the couple who was heading out for their honeymoon the next morning. I got the ring shots at Chimy's the light outside was wonderful. I also included two paintings that are on the wall. If you remember seeing Kyle's cake from a couple of posts ago, it had a fish design on the top. Kyle is an avid fisherman. He doesn't just fish bass and catfish either, we saw some amazing fish that he had caught in the last year or so. As soon as you walk into the restaurant on the back wall you will see the pic of the two men in the boat the front guy reeling in his fish, if you follow the line which is lit up by lights across the ceiling and behind your head as you walk in you will see the picture of the fish who is attached to the line. So Cool. Chimy's is in Ft. Worth right off of West 7th, it is a bit hidden away, but does an incredible business. It is almost across the street from the Montgomery Plaza (which is where Pei Wei is), you will see the sign in the parking lot across the street that will lead you back. It is a great place to hang out and enjoy some coldie's and gut rockets ; ) I know what a coldie is but hadn't checked into the gut rockets yet ; ) Enjoy these pics.


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