David, Kristi, Madilyn and Morgan

I love the Henshaw's for so many reasons. Kristi and David are a very special couple and their kids are amazing. Both girls have personality spilling over the brim. Madilyn has a huge smile, she was very sweet and was glad to just be there....Morgan was all about having her picture taken, in fact she would have probably been fine to keep everyone else in the background as she took center stage. Several times she would just hop up from the family while I was taking their picture and just walk right in front of me and start posing, and I was thrilled to take her pictures..all 500 of them ; ). I have included many pics from the sitting, there were so many favorites for me, I went ahead and included a couple "bloopers" because even though the pretty demure little girl pics are adorable the bloopers made me laugh out loud each time I looked at them.

To view the slideshow click here. Each time I look at these pics they make me smile.


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