Herald of Truth, and Grad Announcements

Just checking in on the photog blog. I am busily working on album orders from past weddings this week. I am having alot of fun revisiting favorite wedding images from some beautiful weddings last year and the year before. I have done a bit of corporate work over the last couple of weeks, most of the time I don't post a blog for corporate or head shot work, but here is a fun pic of two wonderful men. Steve Ridgell and Tim Archer who work at Herald of Truth.
Their job is to share the gospel with the world, both travel overseas and go to places that long for Jesus, in prisons and communities both. I loved this image as it shows the world, God's world, and two of the men who carry out the great commission on a daily basis, sharing the love of Jesus.

High School Graduation will be here before we know it. Here is a graduation announcement that I designed for Keith C. It is a front and back 5x7 postcard style, I had it printed on Art Paper, so the final product had a great artsy texture to it.

The personalized high school/college/advanced degree announcements these days are really the way many people are going with their choice of announcement. Gone are the days of the white card stock printed with metallic writing and the wallet picture included. Each of the announcements is made to fit the personality of the graduate. Now is the time to get those senior portraits on the schedule if you are not already.


Tim Archer said…
Hi Tammy. Thanks for the mention. I like the picture… shows that a good photographer can make ANYONE look good.

Grace and peace,

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