The Krake's - Day In the Life

I went over to the Krake's house to hang out for a bit with camera in hand. The sitting was to lend itself to "A Day In The Life."
What this sweet family does when they hang out at their house, playing with the kiddo's. Amy warned me that Conner was in a "no picture" mode. And I have to say that he pretty much stuck to his guns most of the time. Some of my favorites are images of Connor doing his two year old thing, putting himself where he thought was right. The picture below of Camden watching Conner not really wanting to sit in his cute matching chair is precious. Camden gave some exquisite smiles and smirks. What a beautiful family, inside and out. Thanks guys for letting me grab a little bit of your day with my camera. To see the slideshow click here.


Courtney said…
Tammy, this session is just fantastic! That 2nd image is truly did an amazing job capturing this family's life at home!

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