Dawn and Josh - E Session

Dawn and Josh are so much fun. They were wandering around downtown this week checking out the sites and they stumbled across my studio. Both are in the military, both take care of our country. Is that awesome or what? The last time Josh was here he rented out Cypress Street to propose to Dawn, then he was immediately deployed to Iraq. They just saw each other for the first time since the proposal this week and I am so blessed to be the one to take their engagement pictures. Dawn is from Iowa and Josh is from Wisconson, they have two puppies, the black lab is one year old and her name is Presley Ann, named for Elvis as Dawn had just been at Graceland, then Jazzi which is short for Jazirah Sams which is arabic for "desert sun" named by Dawn while Josh was serving in Balad, Iraq. Both dogs were precious and loved being together with their masters. This was such a fun shoot. To see the slideshow of images click here.
Here are a couple of my favorites.


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