I am so excited to unveil my new photography blog. I have muddled through for a while trying to use a .mac site and for the lack of knowing who to go to I just stayed put. Then Jen@BlueYonderDesigns came into my life. My friend Denise won a "new look" from Jen for her blog last year. When it became time to redo my personal blog I loved what I saw on Denise's blog and I emailed Jen@BlueYonderDesigns right away. The speaking group that I travel with needed a fresh blog, so Jen@BlueYonderDesigns redid our Coffee Group blog , then we needed a blog button and she quickly took care of that. When I decided to move my photography blog back to blogger I knew Jen@BlueYonderDesigns was the gal for me. She made me look good!! She was able to exceed my needs in service and quality. All that to say, I think Jen@BlueYonderDesigns is way creative and a leader in the blog service industry.
Over the next week or so I will get all the links up and going, links to my old .mac sites and links to my favorite places to visit on the web. I hope that you will find this blog dreamy and a place to hang out looking at pics for years to come.
Thanks for following me through web land, you are truly a gift.


Susan said…
Yea! I'm the first to comment. I love it!! It's beautiful, classy and fun all wrapped into one!
Sarah said…
Lovely. That Jen is something else, isn't she? Beautiful blog for beautiful pictures...

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